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“Charity Kimono Show” in Dubai for Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami victims

UAE-Japan Cultural Center organizes the show of Japanese National Dress “Kimono” at the Dubai Women’s Association Hall in Hamriya, Dubai on Thursday, March 31st. This is the first ever Relief Effort for Japan that was acknowledged by Dubai Government under sponsorship of Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Humanitarian and Charity Estate and Dubai Women’s Association.

The show includes display of many different kimonos in different occasions. In addition to women’s Kimono, there will be also Men’s, Children’s, Baby’s Kimono displayed by models. At the same time, you will find beautiful Japanese Kimono Dolls and Samurai Doll displayed. Wedding Dress will also entertain your eyes.
For women, there are various types and grades in Kimono, such as (Kuro-tomesode)-extreme formal black Kimono with family crest on 3 spots, (Iro-tomesode)-high formal Kimono with family crest of 1~3 spots, (Houmongi)-matching print on right & left side of kimono, (Komon)-scattered print over all the Kimono, (Hakama)- Men’s formal Kimono, (Yukata)- casual Summer Kimono, (Jinbei)- casual easy-wear summer kimono for youth, etc.

Also the Show includes “How to conduct and move with Kimono”. As Kimono requires much elegance & grace of the person who wears it, we will show how to walk, sit, stand up, pass the greeting, and receive the welcome, etc. with kimono.

The highlight of the Show is demonstrating “How to wear”. It is not only outside Kimono, there is special underline kimono with many different types of strings without seen. Also tying (Obi)-belt outside- requires strength and practice. There are many Kimono Schools in Japan, which a lot of women learn how to wear.

All the models are Japanese residents who live in UAE who really want to support the victims in Japan from far-away UAE. Japan Center has started organizing this show quickly after the catastrophic earthquake. It took much effort to get approval by Dubai government, but we are grateful that finally got approved officially with many people’s support.

March 11th’s Tsunami took more than 26,000 people’s lives and affected much more. This natural disaster was beyond human’s imagination even for such earthquake-prepared country like Japan. It brought 18 million ton of material waste, which is equivalent of 23 years of annual normal waste only in one prefecture. It will take at least 3~5 years to clean the area, if nuclear leakage allow them to start now. Japan probably needs more than 100 trillion yen (US$1000billion) to recover as it is the worst natural disaster ever recorded in recent history.

Please help and support those who are suffering tremendous hardship in Japan. You will enjoy the Kimono Show, at the same time you can support. Men are also welcome to watch the show in Women’s Association Hall for Charity purpose. The entry ticket is AED100 which will be sent to trustable NGO organizations under supervision of Mhd Bin Rashid Charity Est. You can buy as many tickets as you wish to support. On behalf of Japanese people, UAE-Japan Cultural Center appreciates UAE residents’ support for the victims.

Further information, UAE-Japan Cultural Center website: 
www.jp.ae  (News Section)
Or call: 055-6080876

For Media Contact:
Naoko Kishida
Director of UAE-Japan Cultural Center
uaejapancenter@yahoo.com or 055-6080876

For Location Contact:
Dubai Women’s Association
Abu Bakar Al Siddiq Road opposite of Dubai Hospital, Hamriya – Deira, Dubai